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Artistic Statement by RJ Haas

RJ Haas’ interest in art started in 1963 where he studied Renaissance Art and church art with John Squillace of Woodbury, New Jersey. In addition, he studied with Dr. Ross Beitzel in preparation for college.

During RJ’s college years he studied art history at Pfeiffer College, North Carolina with James Haymaker, with an emphasis on Impressionist artists.

From 1972 to 1980, RJ concentrated on his field study artwork, producing scenic impressionist paintings. From 1980 to 1992, RJ was an active member of the Gloucester County Art League.

Currently, RJ Haas is a active member of various art organizations. Church Street Art and Craft Gallery in Mount Holly, Burlington County Art Guild; Philadelphia Sketch Club, and Willingboro Art Alliance.

Artistic Statements by RJ Haas

de l'inconnue series:

This show consists of adventurous social commentary on the tidal wave of urban flooding into the farmlands of South Jersey. I am a rural person but, as an Artist who needs and wants city life to promote my art, there arises hidden personal conflicts into this body of work. These works are not surreal in nature, rather they are separate realities, formulated to show and illustrate my opinions, thoughts, and questions on the impact of this tidal wave and the gridlock that is to follow.

Each painting has common elements contained in the De l? inconnue series. These elements are
a.The view of the encroaching city
b.The pigeons, that are harbingers of city life, with all the congestion
c.The title of each piece is the viewer?s beginning point into that world

Plants of the Pinelands:

With this series, I have had a chance to renew my second favorite passion – Botany and the wonderful world of PLANTS.

I was fortunate enough to obtain a part-time job with environmental educators who are affiliated with P-I-N-E-S (Pinelands Institute for Natural and Environmental Studies). This program is sponsored through Burlington County College. The actual studies occur at Whitesbog, New Jersey. What a great way to spend my senior years by working with these environmentalists and teaching Kindergarten through 12th grade students on the wonders and histories of the Pine Barrens.

With my interest renewed and being somewhat rusty on plant identification, I wanted to review and update my knowledge of the native plants of the Pinelands. What would be a better way, then to create my own Herbarium? However, this time it would be artistic renderings and expressions and not dry plants. Through the years, I have admired many botanical studies such as the Audubon Series and the Tiffany series, yet I wanted to enhance the coloration of each specimen that I selected to reflect colors more in tune with the Modern Color Theory.
A several years ago, I had a chance to study in great detail at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I am, and was, captivated by the 14th and 15th Century Dutch Masters who projected their hard edges and vibrant colors to create their works of art. This is the method I would use to bring these plants alive for the viewer by simulating the Dutch Masters and the way Johannes Itten used vibrant colors.

Artistic Statement of RJ Haas